Meet the team

Research and development

Victoria Yaneva

Victoria is currently completing her PhD in Computational Linguistics at the University of Wolverhampton, exploring how texts and the web can be made accessible to people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). With a background in psychology, Victoria’s research focuses on the intersection between language comprehension in people with developmental disorders and language assistance solutions for these populations. As a result, she is developing AUTOR, a web app which helps experts and non-experts to write accessible content for readers with autism; one of the core characteristics of autism being atypical communication which can affect education, employability and social inclusion. Victoria is also an Autism Advisor at Autism West Midlands in Birmingham, working with newly-diagnosed adults on the spectrum, and works alongside the Walsall Befriending Service.

Constantin Orasan

Constantin is a Reader in Computational Linguistics at the University of Wolverhampton interested in various ways in which computers can process human language. As a result of his involvement in the FIRST project, he has became interested in developing technologies that improve text accessibility. Constantin is an enthusiast programmer and in his spare time he is involved in several projects which develop web interfaces. He has implemented the code of the first AUTOR prototype and is looking forward to adding further functionalities.

Richard Evans

Richard currently researches automatic sentence rewriting to reduce the propositional density of input text. He hopes that progress in this area will improve text accessibility for humans and improve the reliability of text processing by machines. He envisages text processing by machines to include machine translation, information extraction, summarisation, and syntactic parsing. Automatic sentence rewriting for text processing is his PhD topic. Richard has applied it to information extraction from clinical texts and to improve the accessibility of texts for people with autism. In the past, Richard has worked on several topics in the field of natural language processing, including anaphora resolution, pronoun classification, named entity recognition, and information extraction.

Public Relations

Iain Mansell

Iain has been with the Research Group in Computational Linguistics, University of Wolverhampton, since 2013. His role involves project management, business development, and marketing and communications. With a strong background in project management and marketing he is well positioned to help drive innovation for the group, and to communicate with both internal and external stakeholders.